What is sleep anyway?

I know, I know. FINALLY some content with some content.

My boyfriend is so  much better at sleeping that I am. He will tell me goodnight, lay down, and be out before his head hits the pillow. Rarely gets up in the night, and wakes up early. Well before me, no matter when he goes to sleep. To his first alarm. Every time. Up and at ’em. He does talk in his sleep, though, and I absolutely love that. ❤

Me on the other hand. I am awake for hours after him, I’m up until I can’t hardly stand it or I start to panic about how little of sleep that I’ll be getting because of when I have to get up. Then I have to force myself to sleep. Generally counting backwards from 100, more than once, with soothing breathing. Then my alarm goes off and I hit snooze. for at least 6 times times, at least, before I get up. Begrudgingly. I’m always too tired. I’m pretty sure that I’m one of those people that would function best getting up at 6 pm and going to bed at 10 am. But I don’t do shift work and I’m so over bartending (more on that life another time, I promise you) and I live in such a tiny town in such a rural area that it’s not a valid option for me. I have to function with the rest of the drones with a 9-5. Yuck. The hour of the wolf is my hour.

I always have vividly wild dreams though. When I remember them I jot them down. That is the root of a treat of a project that will eventually make it’s way to this forum. One day. Just know that. Have faith my little fizzies.

Mel Robbins woke me up this morning (via a youtube notification, goodNESS I wish she’d wake me up personally) to give me this little gem the other day while I was laying in bed trying to decide if I should hit snooze, get up, just stay asleep. . . What?

Recently I have been trying really hard (let’s get real, I recognize what I’m doing wrong and feel bad about it, but don’t actually do the thing) to sleep in my bed, not on the couch; to leave my phone in the other room; to not hit snooze; to go to bed on time; et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

So. . . Today I got hit with a terrible wave of exhaustion, like clock-work, at 2:09 p.m. on the dot (thats 14:09 if your brain works like mine. . .  more on that later. . .) like it does every day. So I did what every person does in the year 2018. I googled that shit.

This plague is real, people!  It’s colloquially known as “That 2:30 Feeling” Cootie Freeand it is taking over my life. Probably yours too. I wish things were as easy to fix as when I could just consult the playground pharmacist and get my cooties shot. . .

YESTERDAY when it hit, I threw an internal fit (lies – it was a full-on outburst, but if no-one is there to witness it, is it even real?) about the fact that I had one of these at my old job, and don’t here at my new one. So instead I tore apart our entire file room and re-did it. Can’t really do that again today, though because boring.  But seriously, if you can, buy yourself one of those desks.

Back to “that 2:30 feeling”. Apparently my body (and yours too) wants me to sleep around 2 o’clock in the afternoon naturally because it wants me to fail. Or maybe, more likely, it’s because we are just designed to be that way. We are inherently designed to recharge every so often, but living in the United States we are conditioned to overwork ourselves until we drop dead. Those lucky dogs in Spain actually get to go home after lunch to rest and recharge because it has been found to be more productive to have that break in the work day than it is to power through the slump.

On top of that, because of how we are constructed, our diet is sabotaging us. We were intended to burn fat for our energy source, but now that we are inundated with high calorie, simple carbohydrate foods and do not exert much energy to perform our daily tasks our bodies have to try to burn those extra calories or store them.  I have read that it literally does not matter how much you exercise, if you sit for long periods of time during the day this can be detrimental to your health. Personally I find it detrimental to my ass seeing as how every time I have a job that has me behind a desk I gain about twenty pounds.

So. . . I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe if I take my lunch at 14:00 and nap for an hour I would feel better the rest of my long work day and be more able to get an appropriate amount of sleep at night.

The snooze struggle is real, however. I will probably be fighting that until the day I die, but if I magically find the solution, believe-you-me I will share it with you.

Sweet dreams and all of that.




One Reply to “What is sleep anyway?”

  1. Also, people in Japan literally die from exhaustion because they never sleep and are literally worked to death. I saw that on a documentary, though I don’t remember the name of said documentary at the moment. “Happy,” I think? And if not, “Happy” is a fabulous documentary anyway.


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