Why I’m Fat; and so are you. . .

Kind of a catchy title, right? You clicked on it didn’t you? Well that’s somewhat misleading because in this video I absolutely get down to the nitty gritty about my issues with weight and my poor relationship with food. I’m talking crappy-boyfriend-who-tears-you-down-to-nothing-and-tells-you-he-loves-you-and-you’re-lucky-because-no-one-else-will kind of bad relationship with food.

That’s it. That’s your warning.

Today’s video is not funny, it’s actually pretty heavy and emotional. It was not easy for me to gather my thoughts together to make a comprehensive video out of this, and I still don’t feel like I covered it all – but the video is a half an hour long. I have a plan to make a serious out of this where I will teach things that I learn along the way, as well as offer encouragement and support.

I do worry that some people may watch this and truly have hurt feelings or an emotional wound afterward. Please don’t. Remember that this is me and my choices that got me here; and it’s my journey to fix that. I want to be an inspiration and beacon of hope for anyone out there, even it is just one person, who feels like they have a path similar to mine, feels like they look similar to me, or just needs someone to go down this road with. That is the reason I felt that it was important to get all the ugly stuff out there this week. So here it is:

This right here is a giant hug from me to you.


I definitely do NOT have it in me to have a personal face to face discussion about this right now, but this is something we can share just between us.

I feel as though we are going to go down the road of some serious talks in order to really push forward. I am going to try my best to mix in some lighthearted/fun/funny videos so that you don’t leave my channel emotionally drained each week!

Let’s get down to brass tacks. I really don’t want to verbatim copy what I said in the video. It took me several weeks of filming and editing to get it to the state it is in because of the emotional toll it took on me as well.

I want to reference this post of mine that gives a few more/different details.

There is a category right at the header of my blog that is entitled “UnChunk”. I’ve put quite a few good resources in there, and now I will be devoting some more time and energy to adding more.

Eating disorders are serious business. They are strange because they are a mental health issue, first and foremost, and mental health is still something that is hard for people to grasp the severity of because it is effectively invisible. Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes and with people of all shapes and sizes. They are looked down upon as being disgusting or attention seeking. While some of that may be true, that probably accounts for .001% of people who actually suffer with an eating disorder of some kind. 28.8 Million Americans will have an eating disorder in their life time. I’ll say it again.


Please. Click on that link. I will wait.

If you are suffering there is help. And please! Everyone stop shaming this! Not every person with an eating disorder is a 68lb, 19 year old, middle class, white woman.

I don’t chose to let this define me. I don’t even necessarily identify with it other than to put a face to the name, so-to-speak, and help to explain.

I’ll tell you this. I am ready to fight back and to overcome. Like I mentioned at the end of the video I feel elevated not sad. Optimistic not hopeless.

Please use the comment section as a place to hold a safe and healthy discussion about weight concerns. No-one should be excluded. Even if you’re just looking to lose those last five pounds! Everyone has their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. AND everyone’s are valid. Love and support one another.

Tell me what you’re going through if you’re ready. What do you struggle with? What are your goals? What have you found to help you along the way?

The only thing that is off limits is “tips” in order to stay in the disordered mindset. You know who you are. I know what it looks like. Don’t try it.

I love you guys. Thank you so much for continuing to come back. Thank you so much for watching my videos.

Love yourself today.



P.S. – I KNOW! I need to find somewhere else besides my car to chat with you. I’m working on it. xoxoxoxoxo

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