Post Secret: Pick of the Week

image by Post Secret

This week the post card that touched my heart was directed towards autism, or actually a parent of an autistic child and his feelings about the subject. Because I have a very good friend who has two autistic children, who are angels I might add, this post card seems to hit home for me.

If you, or anyone you know is a parent of a child with autism and are dealing with the same issues, please click here.

Soon to come? A related article in which I interview my good friend who has autistic children.

-Olio ❤

Post Secret: Pick of the Week

Image direct to you from Post Secret

If you don’t already know what Post Secret is, you should! It’s only one of the greatest blog pages out there! The catch is, it’s not really a blog. It’s a site, with a physical address, where people anonymously send it post cards filled with their deepest secrets. The secret’s get posted and updated every Sunday. The author of this site has also published a few books of the juiciest post cards! Each week, I’ll post my favorite.
The one I chose this week is simply an omage to the face that I understand where the secret holder is coming from and I know several people who have gone through the same thing. If you, or anyone you know needs help with this matter or a similar matter, please, visit this site.

– Olio ❤