Fashion in a Box: CANCELLED!

Terrible news all of my loyal Fizzies! Unfortunatly, Project Fashion in a Box is going to be cancelled! The premise for my project was the traveling job that I had. I had to make the decision to quit this job (I smell a new article!) and therefore must cancel (for now) this project. Thanks for the feed back you’ve all given me, and this is defiantly something that I plan on continuing in the future. Possibly a little better planned out? Hey, Diet Coke & Hairspray’s just a baby. Stick with us! We’re learning. =^.^= Let’s all put on our Indiana Jones hat’s and gear up for the next adventure!
On that note, if anyone has any ideas for something they’d like to see daily, please post them or feel free to e-mail them to me at for consideration! Don’t worry, credit will absolutely go where credit is due!

– Olio ❤

Equestrian Goddess

Photo, of MOI!, by my sister!
Fashion in a Box Outfit # 1

The Outfit:
– Black and white polka dot tank top that I’ve had for years
– Black loose fit gypsy top by apostrophe; $30 at jcPenney
– Navy lei Skinny jeans; $18 at Wal-Mart
– Black patent rocker boots by Merona, $38 at Target
– Multi-colored silk scarf (as belt) a gift from my mommy so I dunno!
– Gun-metal infinity bracelets and black drop necklace $4.99ea at Vanity

Face & Hair:
– Ponytail with demure pomadour.
– Smokey eyes in shades of silver, glossy lips in cinnamon

Make-up details to come!

– Olio ❤

Fashion In a Box

Image by housetohome

The new career choice I’ve taken on has me reduced to a tiny wardrobe (comparitively) that has to fit into two small suitcases. I’m on the road approximately three weeks out of the month, and sometimes more, before I can go back home and exchange items in my closet for items in my suitcase. Currently I’m out to prove the time tested theory that owning fewer/better wardrobe pieces is key. When I pack for the road, I mix and match to keep every outfit sharp and fresh. Stay tuned in and see what I have to offer up for the the outfits in my suitcase!

– Olio ❤