Bake Bread Sundays

First of all I need to probably say that the flood of posts on a Sunday isn’t going to be a normal part of the plan, however, I wanted to get out the regularly scheduled post, the March 1st post (which is not my fault, talk to the calendar changer dudes from the 18th century. . . ), and I just really want to get this little tidbit out there as well. Sort of a sneaky sneak peak, if you will.

I actually started doing this last year right around the new year. My sister and mom sometimes join me, and recently my younger brother has been doing so as well.

Baking bread on Sundays is a bit of a way for me to get some non-farm stuff in and I just really like to bake bread so why not do it a lot. I have a few regular recipes I stick to like beer bread, banana bread, a family white bread recipe, and recently we are adding sourdough to the mix (don’t worry – that post is coming soon, also. . .) and whatever other kind of bread I feel like.

I made this little graphic for my younger brother when he wanted my beer bread recipe. Granted, I’ve updated it just slightly in terms of appearance to add it to the blog here; but I’d also like to take this opportunity to let you know (mostly for the sake of accountability seeing as how this was one of my actual resolutions this year) that I intend to write a cookbook this year and my brother is going to help me. Who knows if this recipe will make it in, and even if it does, this may not be the final product, but here’s an example!

Untitled-Artwork (3)

This is definitely the gist of what I want to go into the book, but there is a theme, and that’s a secret, and it’s going to take me probably the rest of the year to research and perfect what I’m doing before I lump it into a book.

Feel free to print this sucker off and stick it in your recipe index!

Okay – and I promise that even though I’m still writing a bunch today, this is the last one I’ll flood you with until tomorrow!



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