How To Season Cast Iron

I really like cast iron cook ware. A lot. I have a growing collection. RIP beautiful set that my parent’s gave me when I was 18. You’re probably sitting in the bottom of a cabinet, being forgotten about. Let’s have a moment of silence for that.

Moving on…

With the way the world is, it seems to be experiencing a renaissance, but for me it’s a stark reminder of my childhood and a symbol of quality kitchen practices. Much like how a gas range just does a better job than an electric one. Fight me on this, I dare you (and I have an electric range… sadly I’m in a rental that is 100% electric and I don’t even have to option to change.)

When I was younger I did not have a good understanding of how cast iron works and especially not how to care for it. To the extent that I was convinced that once it was rusted it was ruined.

Quite the contrary. Actually, a good, well-cared-for piece of cast iron can last a family generations.

Cast iron is untreated iron, so once it is wet and is exposed to oxygen it beings to oxidize. Hoorary science! This is what causes the rust. A lot of people don’t understand how to properly clean or store cast iron and therefore they end up with rust, get frustrated and either pitch it or put it in the donation bin.

This is where you come in; as a frugal thrifter, you may find yourself in the local thrift shop perusing the cook ware and come across a bright orange, heavy skillet. This my friend is kitchen gold and I’m here to teach you how to mine for it!

One thing that I didn’t really discuss in the video is that future care of the pan is to clean it with warm water and a brush, NO SOAP, and then condition it with a thin layer of oil again (removing excess like we did in the video). Do you want a video on this?

So! Take advantage of your cast iron finds, it’s extremely cheap and easy to re-season them and store them! Your cooking will be so much better as well!

Let me know if you have any questions, thought I skipped some steps, or if there is something that you do differently!

Thanks so much!



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