Bonus Video!


If you live near me you know we had an epic thunderstorm last night!

If you follow me on instagram you know I was out there taking pictures!

If you don’t, here they are:

Well – after all of that I had the grand idea to record about 10 minutes and make a looped video of the storm like you see all across the YouTube. There is a whole genre of ASMR, relaxing sound, sleep sound, rain, storm, fire, what-have-you videos.

I am aware that if I really wanted to do this up right I should have better sound equipment and a better camera set up (as right now you can hear me breathing and you can see the front porch door when the lightening flashes.) But! For my first attempt, it’s not too shabby.

So! If you’re looking for some ambience, go ahead and turn it on!

If you’re hoping that it was a longer video and you’re on a desktop, you can follow these steps to loop it further:

I absolutely love a good thunderstorm, especially at night! Hopefully you’ll find some relaxing ambience in this bonus video! This video I was only able to loop for an hour in production, but if you follow these steps you can loop it for even longer on your own!
– Open Video
– Right Click
– Open Loop Menu
– Set how you want it!

I hear tell that if you are on mobile and want to loop a video you just have to add it to a new play list and set the playlist on repeat!

Do you like these kinds of videos? I may be able to create some more, I’m not quite sure yet, but I’d love to give it a shot!

Let me know if either loop option works for you!



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