An Apology.

I had made a post last week about needing an extra day to finish up Monday’s post, then on Tuesday my laptop got a virus (which has been dealt with) but I lost everything I had been working on as far as unpublished posts; because I don’t keep my posts in drafts on WordPress, I keep them on my computer so I can format them how I like.

So that was discouraging and I kind of gave up a little bit. Plus some life has been happening.

For that I apologize.

I’ve kind of given myself a little pep talk about the site and what I want to do with it. Right before I disappeared the last time, I made a daily post schedule and was really excited about it, because it was the best way I could think to write about all of my interests in one place. BUT! I want to change that again. I really think that what I’d like to do is maybe two regular posts a week and then anything else is a bonus. I’m thinking something along the lines of the beginning of the week a post the revolves around Fitness, Health, and Wellness and towards the end of the week something that revolves around the Non-Farm.

I still want to focus on our March challenge, and I already have an April challenge in mind. . .

How is everyone doing with their yoga and food tracking? You’re probably waiting on me to reconstruct the lost post to give you some guidance. I’ve been doing really good at adding everything to my food tracker and I’ve done the 30 Days of Yoga every day. I’ve been keeping track of my thoughts and feelings and how I feel after each as well so at the end of the challenge I can recap.

I’ll come back, I promise. 🙂



One Reply to “An Apology.”

  1. No need to apologize. Trying to put out a post every day would be a lot of pressure. I think you’re doing a great job. *hug*


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