Feel Good Mix Tape

This time around my picks are going to be old songs that remind me of my childhood.

Please note: I said “remind me of my childhood” not “popular when I was a child”. ≧◡≦

A Side

1.) Big Bopper – Chantilly Lace – I have a memory of sitting on the back of the couch when I was a little girl, like pre-kindergarten most likely, listening to music with my dad and telling him I was going to be a singer when I grow up. I also remember the tape player he used, with the red record button on hit. HAH! The song that was playing was either this one or the next song.

2.) Roseanne Cash – Tennessee Flat Top Box – Also one of my all time favorite songs. I used to love when my dad’s band would play it. They did it best, of course; and yes I am aware that it’s a Johnny Cash song – but this tape is the songs that remind me of my childhood. 😉

3.) Mungo Jerry – In the Summer Time – Unapologetically this song will ALWAYS remind me of the fun times I had as a kid with my BFF Tego.

4.) Bill Haley & His Comets – Rock Around the Clock – while I do remember watching this movie on TV with my dad when I was little, I just remember jamming out to this song with him more than that. 🙂 (Fun fact, my dad an I used to have so much fun just doing our thing waiting for the UPS man, eating Peanut Butter and Mayo sandwiches, and listening to awesome music, I was pretty upset when I had to go kindergarten.)

5.) The Coasters – Yakety Yak – It was hard to choose between this song and Charlie Brown, but this one takes the cake in silly, fun, upbeat songs in my memory bank.

6.) J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers – Last Kiss – Ohhh! When Pearl Jam covered this song it PISSED me off! I think that was the start of me refusing to like a cover song for the next 20 years (that’s changed to an extent now, but I still hate that cover).

B Side

1.) David Allan Coe – The Old Grey Goose is Dead – This is a totally epic song from a totally epic artist and my dad’s band totally did it better! There was a place we’d go up in the mountains in the summer time (well there were a few) but this place was like a trailer built into a cabin that two very sweet, wonderful people lived at, it was kind of halfway between town and the mountain home of another guy in my dad’s band and less treacherous to get to I suppose. We used to pan for gold in the creek (with margarine lids. . . just getting the mica flakes. . .). Anyway, the last time I remember hearing them play that song I had to be twelve years old and it was at that cabin.

2.) EmmyLou Harris – Crescent City  – this is the song that will always remind me of when my younger brother and younger sister and I were getting along and having fun. Of course we get along great now, but that wasn’t necessary the case very often when we were all hormonal teenagers.

3.) Sonny James – Running Bear – now, this one is tricky because there are so many versions of it. The radio station here plays “oldies” on Fridays until noon. I remember listening intently for this song to come one, and if noon hit and I hadn’t heard it, I was disappointed.

4.) Jim Lowe – Green Door – Are you even kidding me? Just listen to it! This might be the actual coolest song ever!

5.) The Tornados – Telstar – yeah, there’s no words, and that’s okay. When I hear this song it sucks me right back to that weird yellow shag carpet and off white arm chair in the living room of the farm house I grew up in. And – I’m telling you that was probably 33 years ago if I’m talking about that dang chair with the denim cover my mom sewed for it because it was so worn through.

6.) Iron Butterfly – In a Gadda Da Vida – there are two reasons this is the last song – 1.) it’s quite long and “trippy” 2.) it doesn’t quite fit the vibe of the rest of the tape. BUT! I HAD to include it. Sometimes when we were checking out the records that my dad had, my mom would bust this out because she had the album. BECAUSE my mom was the original cool girl. So we’d spend all afternoon listening the Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly and mom would come in and bust this out and we thought it was soooo coooool. And it was.

Thanks for following me down that memory lane. . .





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