A Little Challenge I’ve Conjured Up


Okay! It’s March 1st! We made it – remember a few days ago I mentioned I have this thing about starting something on the 1st, or Monday, or what-have-you. . . Also I mentioned a yoga thing. . .

SO! I have a challenge for us all! Or a few? I dunno – it’s multi-faceted.

Challenge 1

Do 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne – I will be doing this in addition to the regular yoga I do during my night routine, because that yoga, for me, is more restorative and I need it to wind down.

Who is Adrienne? She’s a gal with a YouTube channel that I really enjoy called Yoga with Adrienne. I’ve followed her for years and years and most of the yoga videos I use daily are hers. She has a 30-day Yoga Challenge it’s just a 30-day program designed to get you doing yoga daily even if you’ve never done it before. Sometimes it’s a bit challenging, but you can always modify. Honestly, it doesn’t get challenging really until maybe day 10? Even then it never gets too difficult.

Here’s the link to day 1. It’s all on YouTube – I think I’ve talked about it before and explained that I paid the 99-Cents once to have it all on GumRoad, but you can just get it on YouTube for free.

Challenge 2

March is National Nutrition Month – so I think we should take advantage of that as motivation to clean up our diet!

Instead of picking a “diet” I’ve decided that I will do two things:


Track all of my food in some kind of food tracker. There are tons of apps out there. I am going to use the FitBit one because that’s what I’ve been using, I already have it downloaded on my phone and I’m used to how it works. Other ones I’ve heard people like are LifeSum and MyFitnessPal. There are a ton more, I’m sure! Comment below and tell me what you’re going to use!


Make an effort to make better food choices and portion choices. Last night I did a hardcore meal prep session. Not so much with individual meals, but with ingredients. In tomorrow’s post I’ll explain what I did and how I planned what meals to make with the prepped ingredients! Not everyone can meal prep, and that’s okay – it’s not even necessary, but, it does help to control what we are eating in a day or even just a meal.

In this challenge I’m not asking you to make drastic diet changes or go spend a bunch of money, I’m just asking you to consider how nutritious your food is and how much you are eating: is it too little? too much? not often enough? balanced nutrition?

Tomorrow’s post, like I mentioned, is going to be about my meal prepping and the why associated with that as well as the “how”, I’ll talk about micro and macro nutrients and calories and such. T

hat being said I am not a doctor and I am not a nutritionist, I’m just a schmo who’s trying to figure it out as I go, too, but I maybe have put more research into it than you have. Maybe not, but I definitely have researched this more than the average Joe. That’s for sure.

Extra Credit

I’ll be going to the gym every day – except today and possibly tomorrow (due to snow days, but even so, I have enough equipment at home that we haven’t sold off that I can get a descent workout in). I’ll be using a program by Megan Gallagher that’s really cool. You should give her a follow on instagram and YouTube! She’s really motivational I think! She has a program called Stronger by the Day and you can get the free week from her without even putting in payment info, or you can pay $8/month to get the full program! I think even if you just signed up for the free week and did that, you’d be doing something good for yourself!

That’s my extra thing – post below what you’d like to add to the challenge to personally grow your nutrition and fitness this month.

So what do you think? It’s 30 days, that’s not even the entire month of March. Care to join me? We start today. Right now. If I can get some active participants, I’ll try to set up a community for us somehow – maybe an Amino? Let me know in the comments – if I can get at least. . . 5? people interested in this challenge I’ll start up community support something for us!



5 Replies to “A Little Challenge I’ve Conjured Up”

  1. Great ideas! I would like to do some sort of something. I need to do some sort of something. Anything is better than nothing. Right? It all makes me anxious, but I need to do it.

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  2. Yay Yoga with Adrienne! I would very much like to practice Yoga every day seeing as I fell out of that a while ago. As far as other exercise goes, I’m addicted to roller skating right now (I got to skate at a friend’s shop for like, an hour and a half yesterday!), and they’re my ankle weights any time I’m doing anything around the house. And as far as nutrition goes: I definitely need to start balancing out my macro nutrients and eat a bit more often (I’m usually a two-meals-a-day kinda gal). I’ve never had much luck with food trackers, so mayhaps meal planning is in my future?
    (I don’t understand how this works, so this is Clare btw…)

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