Diet Update.

So I was doing daily posts for about 5 seconds and that’s clearly not going to work, so why not wait until 19 days later to give you an update. . .

Here’s why.

I’ve made some changes, but I’m at a point where I know that it’s doing some good, but I don’t feel/see it.

So I weighed in on my parent’s scale yesterday? Maybe the day before. Regardless I’ve gained 1 pound. Big woop. It’s not even the original scale I weighed myself on, but I think I will continue to use this one because of ease of access. . . So there is a variable for a little bit. That being said, clearly a huge difference in the past month-ish has been achieved. My clothes fit better, my skin is healthier, I have a big more energy, my depression is backing the hell off. We gotta be getting somewhere, right?

I’ve been doing yoga but not cardio because I’m lazy. Straight up this is why. Time to address that I suppose.

(^^^here’s a little yoga treat to just get into it. It’s short, sweet, and soothing.)

I still have yet to charge my fitbit. My goodness it’s like I don’t want to succeed!

My diet – so that is a struggle right now. I had posted that I was going to do the two eggs and a banana thing and I did for a while and it was fine, but, I have a crummy pancreas and that little bitch acts up whenever things are going good.

So – as I had stated previously, I was vegetarian for a while; and since I’m the type to do a lot of research, I had spent the past few weeks looking into diets. (Topics for later -why Keto is junk. Also – change your lifestyle DO NOT DIET). I finally settled on a vegan outlook, which isn’t really as miserable as it sounds. (I’ll link a couple of videos that cover both the health benefits and the ethical standpoint, also an alternative view.) This has really helped my pancreas.

(^^^Ethical Vegan Standpoint – the cow makes me cry every time.)

(^^^This guy can get a bit preachy, but his videos are really thorough and informative. Take it with a grain of salt and form your own opinion like a grown-up.)

(^^^Alternative view point. Also, subscribe to Joe Rogan right the hell now so that your life is better.)

Now here’s the dilemma – I totally understand the ethics of going vegan, and I’m probably a little more sensitive to the issues at hand than most, but I do believe we are omnivores, not carnivores, not herbivores. Ethically speaking – I feel a lot more comfortable getting my meat, eggs, and dairy from an ethically sourced provider. Yes, there is the logic of killing an animal against it’s will is still unethical, eggs are just chicken periods, not-your-mother-not-your-milk, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera; however that is not how I am going to be able to identify.

I do believe that a lot of this comes from me being an adult and now able to make my own choices on what I am comfortable with, ethically speaking, and also the fact that the way I grew up we grew our own vegetables, my dad hunted, we raised pigs, chickens, and even rabbits at one point, goats for milk when I was a wee little baby, and we got beef from 4-h, et cetera.

So – vegan for the majority of my meals, but, my dude hunts wild game (not my dude, but you need some Steven Rinella in your life) – I will eat that. I worked for this amazing bison producer, Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch, I will eat their products. Farm fresh eggs from local farmers? Absolutely. Dairy fresh milk from small time local folks who just have a couple of milk cows? Yep. Farmer’s Market? Well. . . there isn’t one here in the winter time, but again, yep.

So here’s my personal challenge to myself. Get my shit together and gather data for next Monday’s post. I’ll really make a conscious effort to gather some amazing content for you guys!

How are you all getting on with your diet? Let me know in the comments below and keep up the good work!



P.S. – for some inspiration, check out this guy I went to high school with! He’s really, really something amazing. I had absolutely no idea about what he was doing until my mom filled me in yesterday. (ahhh the benefits vs. struggles of boycotting Facebook. Ack.)

4 Replies to “Diet Update.”

  1. “How are you all getting on with your diet? Let me know in the comments below and keep up the good work!”

    So, my diet/conscious eating habits died last week. You remember – Thanksgiving. But, I’m not one to beat myself up too bad. I had a really low blood-sugar this afternoon and didn’t have any snacks for a quick fix, so I grabbed a few bite-sized chocolates. Let’s just put this out here right now – I hate diabetes! Then, just when I was doing so well being consistent with my walks, the weather turned to crap. However, I’m not beating myself up about that either. I know how to get back up on that horse, too.

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    1. This right here, people! And you wonder where I get my sarcastic tone. . . Love you Mo!
      I know it’s out of the way, but if you ever want to come over and use the treadmill you can. I’ll even set the TV up in that room so you can watch youtube. 🙂

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