Chubby Egg Eater

Day 3: Clarification on Diet? Another app?

This one will probably be short.

First of all: allow me to clarify just a little – the eggs on my diet don’t have to be fried. . . that’s just how I prefer them at the moment. I like ’em poached, scrambled, boiled, fried. . . The same deal with the potato, except I pretty much don’t like potatoes (I am Irish, I swear) most other ways and I’m too lazy to mash them.

Fried 1
Can I do a perfect flip on these three eggs? Read on to find out.

ALSO – I tried to explain this yesterday, but I do ramble – in reference to using your TDEE – in that regard you can literally eat anything you want, just know that your calories at the end of the day are what matters. Granted, if you only eat jellybeans you might not feel that great, but if you only eat 1,800 calories of jelly beans and you should be consuming 2,400 calories a day – you will lose weight. Diet is everything. Nutrition is important and so is exercise, but diet is where it’s at. Keep in mind that these things do not roll over. You can’t just eat less tomorrow and expect that to fix over eating today.

Don’t beat yourself up, though! Accept that it happened and move on, because you can’t change the past, right? Why waste your energy beating yourself up when you can just do better next time!

Tip: If you over-do it on sugar, fiber helps flush. What is recommended (and I can’t for the life of me find the source to back this up, I’m sorry. If I do, I will link it) is the next day after a sugar over load eat a high fiber breakfast such as steel cut oats or granola. Then with every meal that day eat 1/2 of grainy fiber. Also lots and lots of water!

This diet has been pretty satiating, though. . .  I haven’t met my proper intake yet.


I’m trying to track my water as well, but I don’t think it’s quite accurate because I drink a LOT of water.


My fitbit [flex] has been lost (but I literally just found it in my center console of my car, go figure) so I hadn’t been tracking my steps, or anything else really. I will get it charged tonight and we can talk about step count tomorrow.

Apps. . .  I really like the fitbit app because I can track basically everything I need in one place. You might even be able to use it without linking a tracker to it, I’m not sure. I AM sure there are other apps out there that are just as good or better, but I don’t know what they are yet. Also, like I said, I really enjoy the convenience of having all of the information in one place.

Another really great app is Samsung Health.

See? Short today. I’m a little mentally worn out. I’ll try to have some good stuff for you tomorrow!

Comment below and tell me your favorite fitness apps! Also comment any dietary questions you may have! (Again I’m not an expert, but I do know a lot – I like to think!)



Fried 2
Perfect. . .

2 Replies to “Chubby Egg Eater”

  1. Thanks for turning me on to TDEE Calculator. I, too, have recently discovered Samsung Health, and I love it! Recently I discovered (well, I actually knew it, but wouldn’t admit it whole-heartedly) that I consume WAY too much fat. I’m hoping by adding more fiber to my diet that this will help control my fat intake.

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    1. Consuming fiber is a great way to satisfy hunger and cravings. It fills you with good energy and takes longer for you body to digest, as well as being nutritionally dense! Keep up the good work!


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