2 Eggs and a Potato


Day 2: Let’s talk diet.

First of all every individual person’s dietary needs are completely different, and I am not a doctor. I’ve just done a lot of research and landed on what I believe is the best possible combination for myself as far as what will be nutritionally balanced, filling, and satisfy my taste buds.

As the name suggests, this is what I have decided on for my meals: 2 Eggs and a Potato.

I chose this diet because of the potato diet (shoot, Kevin Smith did it. . .) and the nutritional balance of eggs. Not to mention how satisfying and delicious they are. Now – If I transition to vegan, this will have to be revisited.


I will NOT give up my coffee and cream, no-siree! Any other time I have lost weight, that has been the one thing I have been able to have as my little “coping mechanism”. Nothin’ doin’. I’m not giving it up. SUCK IT diet enthusiasts. Srsly.

Check out nutritionix.com!

Anyway – for the rest of my consumption I will be pretty meticulous. Except when I struggle, and I will, and I just want something else. If I hate my life I won’t stick to my diet. So – I’m allowed to mess up.

Otherwise the meal goes as follows: 2 over-easy eggs over top a baked golden potato seasoned with nutritional yeast and pepper. Did I stutter? I did not say butter. I did not say sour cream. I did not say cheeeeeese. I did not say I fried my eggs in butter, or in bacon grease.

So this meal x 3 plus my coffee (and water, duh, don’t be a dolt. . .) Puts me at 1,097 calories per day. Whoops! That’s no good.

Let’s now discuss TDEE. Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This is what your body uses in calories a day based on your activity level, height, weight, age and gender.  If you take in less than your TDEE you are in what is called a calorie deficit. This is necessary when trying to lose weight. Again, don’t be a dolt. You need to eat enough to have energy. You shouldn’t cut more than ~500 calories per day from your TDEE in order to function healthily.

My TDEE is 2,664 currently. So if I only consume 1,097 that puts me at a deficit of 1,567 calories per day. I like round numbers so my goal is likely to be 2,000 calories a day. Yes that breaks my rule but only slightly. Enh do as I say not as I do? So at my deficit based on the amount of calories planned for the day that leaves me 903 calories. GREAT! Because ya’ll know there’s no way I’m only drinking 5 cups of coffee. Plus I love to snack. . . Especially at night.

That is part of me and I’m not going to fight it. Right? I want to enjoy my diet so I stick to it. Plus I need to add lots of green veggies to my diet which I don’t have listed.

As long as I track my caloric intake I will be fine. So I have to make sure I eat enough and not too much.

What is the icing on the cake, you ask? Well let me tell you it’s that you get to eat your dang cake AND lose weight. Just fit it into your TDEE goal. Eat the stupid cake, brah!

*Disclaimer! Always, always, ALWAYS wash and thoroughly cook your potatoes. This is where botulism comes from (not only, but one of the biggest risks). Botulism is not your standard food poisoning. It will kill you dead. Right now. Well kinda slowly. So few cases have survived contraction that there is very very little medical science to protect you in this aspect. – Don’t be a dolt!

Blaaaaahhhh blahblahblahblah

I would have tracked my food intake to post here (which I will start tomorrow) but freaking Safeway was out of my POTATOES and I got all discombobulated.

So! Tell me what you think? Am I being ridiculous? What is your diet like? What would you like to try? Post your TDEE down below! I use this app.



3 Replies to “2 Eggs and a Potato”

  1. Eating the same 3 meals a day isn’t a thing for me, but if it works for you, then YAY! My diet is to be very much aware of what goes in my body. I was more careful yesterday, but we had a potluck last night so there’s that. I had no idea how to track my intake from that. I probably won’t start for serious until tomorrow. Especially since today is Halloween and that mean giant party at the office.

    My TDEE = 1,824

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