The Non-Farm – or – how to fix your Keurig in 10 easy steps.

Yep. That’s what I’m going to call it.

I’m not a farm – I’m raising nothing for the purpose of profit

I’m not a homestead – I’m not running my home in such a way as to be self sufficient. I’m not even part way there! I’m just implementing practices I grew up with and delving into a few hobbies. And fixing stuff for myself like a danged adult.

Which is exactly what I did this weekend.

Okay now let us back up a little bit. Long story short: Many long eons ago we had a perfectly good, hand-me-down, original, basic Keurig. It was great. I used to hell out of it. Then one day out of the blue, my dude, who didn’t drink coffee at the time, up and decided to purchase a Keurig Vue from some rando off  of a Facebook trading post. Ugh. Why? Doesn’t he know I don’t like change?

Any normal Keurig uses a K-cup, which I quickly bought a $4 refillable cup and started using my own grind (because people love to love me and my beautiful sister would always bring me Starbucks beans!!!) because it’s far cheaper. Why am I explaining this to you? You live on planet Earth. You know what this is all about.

A Keurig Vue uses a fancy pod that isn’t like a K-cup. It was SO irritating! Also it took me a LONG time to find an adapter – therefore I hated that confounded thing! *Sigh* It is pretty cool. It’s all digital and has many options and I use it constantly.

Friday I made a cup of coffee. I’m now on to Dazbog KGB Blend, by the way, took a fancy picture for Instagram, pressed the power button, and promptly smashed that sucker down into the machine.

What the hhhhheeelllllll? As if I have the money to fix something like this. GROWL. Saho does not approve.

So, taking a queue from my childhood curiosity, I took the damned thing apart to figure out what makes it tick. Tutorial as follows:

1.) Break your Keurig

2.) Panic.

3.) Access the Keurig website.

4.) E-mail them asking about any advice; wait a grueling 15-20 seconds for a reply and resume panicking when no response is received within that very reasonable amount of time.

5.) Head to the garage and dig out the screwdrivers.

6.) Spend 45 minutes gingerly (haha, see what I did there?) taking the mother effer apart.

7.) Finally get the power device-a-ma-jigger and find out that it’s bracket is busted.

8.) Remember that you saw some electrical tape the other day, where was that? The counter by the microwave! Go get that.

9.) Pull the power device-a-ma-jigger through to the outside of the Keurig and craft a very high end fastener out of the electrical tape for the power. . . device-a-ma-jigger.

10.) Put it back together and then ask your mom for her old coffee pot. (it did work, by the way. Both things.) Who needs a Ninja Coffee Bar? Hah! I do want one. . .

Let me know if you’d like to see any tutorials in the future! I sure loved making this one for you!



2 Replies to “The Non-Farm – or – how to fix your Keurig in 10 easy steps.”

  1. 🙂 I love your curiosities with life things. I was sort of like that when I was in my teens, but we didn’t have cool coffee makers. I took apart things like alarm clocks and telephones (I wanted the magnets of them) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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