The Most Fun EVER!

So last night an impromptu trip to “the Walmart Town” (closest town with a Walmart, you understand) was upon us! My dude, his best buddy, buddy’s daughter and I hit the road for the 70+ mile trek to what some ignorant fools might consider actual civilization. (Because we don’t ride horses to places unless we actually want to, we have color TV and even wifi -how fancy!-, and actual electricity. Well unless the grid got turned off in the evacuation area because of the mountain fire.)

Anyway, that being said, sometimes it’s just more cost effective to drive an hour away to pick up some supplies and it’s nice to get out of town for a minute and actually do something.

We dropped the kiddo off with her mom and bumped into an old friend which led us to decide that after shopping we really should go have a beer (in my case beer me that water!) and hang out. The restaurant we wanted to go to had a wait of 22 minutes. Let me tell you, that is one thing we don’t adjust well to is restaurant waits, so we set off on foot down town and found this great little spot! It’s in a really cool old brick building and when you walk in (of course there is a bar, my boys need their beer, don’t you know?) you are met face-to-face with the coolest arcade. I’m talking old school games like Skee-Ball, and those creepy clowns

It’s. Just Creepy.

you knock down with rubber balls,  Pacman which you can play here, rows and rows of pinball machines, games I remember from the 90’s like Time-Crisis and every possible racing game. Oh and Mario Kart.

The decor was fantastic, there were pieces of old machines all over the place and kids and adults alike were having an absolute blast! Now. I have been to a place in Ft. Collins, Colorado that in my personal opinion is just a tiny little bit more cool simply because we accidentally found it while walking downtown – it’s a basement bar that has a lot more pinball machines. But is so great about this place, and what I look forward to playing EVERY time I go, is a game from the 70’s called Stunt Pilot.

Anyway – back to last night! Don’t get me wrong, this place we found is really great! I had probably the most fun I’ve had this year there. We found a table top game that sat 4 players called Harpoon Lagoon. And we spent hours there. That sucker was hard. And fun. And rewarding. We got a rhythm going and it was great team-work and just an all around blast!!!

I sure hope this is a thing popping up all over the country! It beats playing Street Fighter at the Mini-Mart any day.



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