I mentioned when I came back that I had been making an aggressive plan to address my resolutions this year. Mostly anyone who makes New Year’s resolutions make something related to health, be it fitness, losing weight, quitting smoking, whatever.

Well. I need to lose weight. I’m fat. Like fat. But I’m not going to do anything outrageous and I don’t have a “goal weight”. I made a deal with my friend, who also wants to trim down, that I just want to be comfortable purchasing a bathing suit by summer time. I haven’t bought a bathing suit since I was 17. I won’t. We as a group do a large amount of lake camping in the summertime, one trip we always take is a week over Independence Day.

Anyway – last pool season I used to present my team with some squat challenges and what-not and this passed league night the girls brought it up to me again, so I started a challenge with them on Thursday. I know that we are now on day 3, but please go right ahead and join us!



Baithing Suits
My Goal.
Abs on Fi-RAH
My sister and I used to do these every morning when we got up. Once you get your killer abs, they’re good for maintenance, too. BURN BABY BURN
Dat Ass Do
I’ve done this squat challenge a few times and have seen good results. It’ll burn, tho.

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