What in the actual HELL am I talking about?

I am always on the go. Always. If there’s not school there is work, if not work then Roller Derby, if not Derby then more school, duh. On top of that I struggle to keep up on my house because uhh… I’M ALWAYS ON THE GO and I can NOT stand a messy home. I can’t handle it. 

So because of the three prevalent time consumers in my life (I mentioned them above, you can figure it out 🙂 ) my schedule has laid it’s self out fairly nicely where I don’t do two things on one day unless I have Roller Derby (Homework is exempt from that comment). My semester ended last Thursday, and right now, in order to keep my job I switched schedules with another girl at work and she is full time and I only work weekends. AS SUCH – I have two weeks off.

Let me repeat. I have two weeks off. ::blink:: What?

Yes I still work on the weekends. But damn I could get used to this; of course once I get kicked out of my house because I can’t pay rent and/or starve to death, I will think differently.

I spent the first three days of my “vacation” tearing my house apart. I went room by room and dumped out all of the drawers and boxes and shelves and made new homes for everything that stayed, gave my little sister a bunch of fashion SHIT that I was hoarding from when I was a lot smaller and tons of make-up because I knew that she could use it and in this period of her life would not be able to afford those things, and they would get used instead of living sadly in a little box taking up space in my house to collect dust! RAWR! The rest I have set to donate if it didn’t get thrown away.

I posted of facebook that I was turning my home into my own little paradise. I will admit that I have wayyyyy too much shit, still but I I use the majority of it, and the rest I can’t bring myself to get rid of yet. It feels so peaceful and clean in here.

Let’s touch on that, though. I am a hoarder. Of course the analog term for that is pack rat. Hullerrrr!!! I come by it honestly. My Papa does the same thing. I’m not sure where I get my neurotic need for clean and tidy from, though. Maybe my Grandma. The hanging on to things and need to preserve things also, I feel comes from not having much money growing up so we learned to protect what we had and get by without so no that I am able to afford things for myself I tend to over-do it and then not want to let go. But you know what? My parents raised 5 kids on 1 – 1.5 incomes. They are amazing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I could survive anything thrown at me because of that!

You bet your ass I have a list a mile long of stuff that I still think I need to fix, clean, or organize, but I’m taking it as I go.

Now – Yesterday was day four and guess what I did? What ever the hell I wanted to. I sure did! When was the last time I got to do that? Never? Probably, I don’t know, but it was great. Today, I have a small to do list for myself, like grooming the dogs, pimping up my internet life, and going to Kaitlin’s aunt’s house to help her with some heavy lifting and get some of her things sold on craigslist.  She’s crafty and I think she’s going to have some items to list on my Etsy shop. =^.^=

This morning I had the thought that I would just love my life to be like this: Wake up and have coffee with Kracker, play with and/or walk the fur children, work out, and then sit down at MY desk in MY home and work. Who wouldn’t though? It’s a nice dream, maybe someday it will be a reality. What is  my life about???

Okay I hear thunder booming and I need to bathe the fur beasts, so I better do that before lightening starts cracking.

Thanks for reading this endless load of bullshit. 😀

xoxo -S

P.S. – You have to see these slippers that I’ve been hanging on to for years and finally made myself throw away.


Does somebody want to explain to me why I had to have these in the first place? Ugh teenagers circa the turn of the century…

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