I found a cover song that I love!

Anyone who knows me, knows that cover songs usually piss me off. Yes sometimes there are amazing covers, but sometimes the song doesn’t need to be redone because perfect and/or get your own music! (Of course I’m a hypocrite to an extent, as I’m planning on recording a little album of cover songs I love – no big thing… ((it’s just a box on my bucket list – more on that later.)))

ANYWAY I heard this song on my Iron & Wine (who I adore, by the way) station on Pandora while I was taking a shower. It’s a cover of Freshmen by the Verve Pipe.

This guy is awesome!


xoxo -S

2 Replies to “I found a cover song that I love!”

  1. Somehow I knew you’d record an album. 🙂 I’m looking forward to it. Yes, People, this woman has an incredible set of pipes. She won’t disappoint.


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