Secret, secret…

     So, I don’t know how many of you know this or not, but I’ve been trying off an on over the past two years to be able to commit to the local roller derby team, (the A’Salt Creek Roller Girls).  Every time I try, for some reason my work was “only teasing” about being able to let me have the practice nights off. 

     Exitingly enough, I’ve talked one of my friends, who happened to be the assistant coach for our team at one time, into starting her own team.  Her and I have recruited almost enough members for a full roster and are now looking for sponsors.  I’m so super stoked!

     My predicament: My derby name was going to be Tackle-box, because it was what everyone called me since I was covered in piercings, and also because no-one else on the league had chosen it.  Unfortunatly, I can’t really use that name anymore, because I took most of the metal out. 

     I think that y’all should post what you think would be a good derby name for me, as I’m having a terrible time finding one.  Derby names are generally a double entendre, have something to do with 40’s pin-up, and are menacing.  I’d also like it to be kind of personal.  There is a national roster that I can check the name against once someone lets me know what they think and we can go from there.  I’m just having a pretty hard time coming up with something that fits the criteria and that I like

Thanks in advance for your help!


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