Well… it’s in my blood!

I’ve been reading up on and researching the process of making cheese.

So… as soon as I have the proper equipment (mostly canning supplies) I am going to start by making my own buttermilk.

I’ll keep you updated!

It’d be better if I had my own moo-cow… but I don’t.



2 Replies to “Well… it’s in my blood!”

  1. I have always wanted to make my own cheese. It’s been sort of a weird concept to make it at home. I was used to making it in batches of using something like 30,000 pounds of milk at a time. LOL I can’t tell you how many “recipes” I’ve collected.

    Buttermilk means you’ll be making your own butter 🙂

    Jeremy, we need to hear from you how your first try at butter tasted.


    1. I’ll be making cultured buttermilk, not churned buttermilk, however, I do want to make my own butter too! I’m glad that you brought it up, though, because once I make it, I’m going to blog about the difference, infact… maybe what I should do is try it both ways and then go from there!


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