Time to get this one out of the way!


My mom suggested weeks ago that this would make an excellent topic.  And she’s right! I should blog about it! However, I’ve just been uncertain on how to do it!

Here goes!

I first heard of ShoeDazzle months and months ago, from a patron when I used bartender.  She always had the greatest shoes.  When I finally asked her what that was all about she told me “Shoedazzle.com! It’s kind of like a shoe of the month club, and it’s awesome!” Right on! So recently I’ve been seeing TV commercials for it, hearing all of my friends talk about it, and even seeing it in the side advertisments of many of the websites that I visit. So… I investigated, like any good ginger would!

I had no idea it was the brain child of Kim Kardashian.  What do ya know? She’s cute, and a little bit business savvy.  Neat!

It’s great.  You go to the website.  You take a fun little quiz.  They make you your own personal show room based on your answers.  Whatever you want is $39.95.  SPLENDID!

You go now.  =)

3 Replies to “Time to get this one out of the way!”

  1. I couldn’t get through the “how it works” video. She kept pronouncing it “jew-ler-y” and it made me want to club her to death with a Marc Jacobs pump.


    1. Skip the video, and just check it out. It’s fun, and easy to get through it. Just remember to cancel the monthly selection before the 5th of the month, or you’ll have shoes, and a charge for something you didn’t want. However, I think the shipping is free, both ways. It’s incredibly Awesome!!!


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