Record Keeping

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I’m a fan of journaling.  Mostly dream journaling (which my mother got me into a few months ago).  But, I really do like all kinds.  I find myself better motivated to journal if I have something cool to write in, not just a college ruled, five star, spiral notebook.

It’s hard to find a website on the subject that isn’t totally goofy, so I’ll just tell you what I do.

I wake up and immediatley grab my journal (which is why it’s best to keep the journal and a pen close to your bed). I start by logging the date so I can go back and see what I was dreaming when.  Next I record my dream to the best of my recollection.  I get down the basics, then, if I have to I go back in and embellish the details. After this, I write down what kind of emotions I’m feeling, colors I saw, things I heard, or anything out of the ordinary. Then, I write down anything I can think of that happened recently that might have had an effect on my dream.

That’s it.  Pretty basic.  You should try it!

Sweet Dreams!

Less Than Three S-J-T

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