Indian Summer

I think I know that I’m a super genious.  Why?  Because this was one of the first posts that I wanted to make when I started DietCokeandHairspray up again, and I’ve been waiting until it happened to post about it!

Indian summer is kind of like a surprise on Christmas morning.  Whenever it hits, it’s like I’ve already said my goodbye’s to summer and made my peace with the fact that I will, for the next 8ish months, be freezing my bum.  Then BOOM! Nice sunny warm weather strikes again! 

I guess that it’s not all too surprising, because living in Wyoming tends to lead to an Indian Summer half of the time.  But I’m still excited when it happens!

In some places it can get quite beautiful, however, that is not the case in Wyoming. BUT!  I still love it!

That is all!


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