The science of bath-time…


I’m a curious person, I always have a bunch of questions to ask about any given subject.  Which led me to laying in my bathtub wondering things like the age-old “why does the water make my fingers wrinkle?” among others… so I did some research and this is what I found:

Q: How much water does the average bathtub hold?
A: Approximately 55-65 gallons.  My fish tank is bigger than that!  I could go swimming!

Q: How does soap get me clean?
A: The molecules of the soap attatch to non-polar molecules such as oil, and polar molecules such as water simultaneously. Soap mixed with water will suspend the particles of yuck on your body and flush them away when rinsed.  The hydrocarbons dissovle the yuck and the ions make it water soluble. Soap is an emulsifier!

Q: How long can the average person hold their breath under water?
A: 30-40 seconds.
Huh… seems low! I can hold mine around 90, and I know my lungs are bad!

Q: Where do rubber duckies come from?
A: Sesame street.
No! For reals! I’m sure that’s in a scientist book somewhere, and if it’s not, it should be because that’s the only answer I’ll accept!

Q: Why does water make my fingers and toes wrinkle?
A: Wrong! It’s not the water, it’s neurological evolution baby! You have to check out this link! Just do it…
That’s my favorite discovery!

It’s funny what you learn…


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