Ginger Adventure Time is Upon Us!

My good friend, Tambra, and I like to have what we call ginger time.  Due to crazy circumstances, we haven’t been able to get together in a very long time, so, this weekend we decided to have a ginger weekend.  It was a blasty-blast!

On Saturday we got together and went shopping for a barbeque we’d been planning all week.  That might sound a little mundane, however, nothing is mundane when you’ve got gingers involved.  We bought tons of food and took it back to her place to get started on the grub!

We had: smoked beer up the butt chicken, elk kabobs, tossed salad, spicy shrimp and pasta salad, corn on the cob, a giant fruit tray, cheesy garlic bread, and this awesome layer dip that she made with cream cheese-cocktail sauce-veggies-shredded cheese-and avacado! So Yum!

On Sunday we got together thinking we would have a girl day with her teenage daughter, but the pet teenager ditched us for her boyfriend… lame!

So – we decided to hit up the thrift stores in town.  Fun, fun, fun.  Those places are like a giant time machine!

NEXT – we went geocaching.  <– You see that Mr. Secret Society Hoity Toities? We figured it out! We are ON TO YOU! We stopped at 4 but only completed 1.  It was alright, though, because we thought that we weren’t going to get any and were the world’s new worst treasure hunters.  We got this.

Next a trip to the mall to eat some yummy soft pretzels with nacho cheese and have fresh squeezed lemon-aide.  We found Across the Universe, which we’d been half assedly looking for all day, for five dollars!

We parted ways so that we could meet our boys when they got home from fishing (together) and make them dinner.  A new ginger age is upon us!


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