Happy Gala Darling Week!

*le sigh* It’s Gala, herself, she’s soooo pretty! Picture from icing

Gala Darling is an intriguing person that I’ve followed since before she carved her way into internet blogger icon status! I started following wonderfully artful blogs on livejournal
after a friend of mine (who also followed her) made a connection between Gala’s Hello Kitty Band-aids and my own. Goofy, I know.

Eventually she started her own website, icing, a couple of years back and is still going strong!
She has gobs of fans and gets to do all kinds of exciting things, and make a living off of something she enjoys.

I wouldn’t exactly say that she is an influence on my fashion (outward and inward) so much as she is on the same page, yet more accomplished and I adore her for it. She is wonderful.
If icing is something that you’ve not yet experienced, go ahead and take a taste!
Happy Gala Darling Week!

-Olio ❤

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