For What It’s Worth

As the social butterflies we all are, most of us are looking for new and exciting things to do with our friends – or – in the very least, new and interesting hobbies to take up on our own time.
In general I always have a camera with me, but rarely do I think to pull it out for anything less than a “Kodak Moment”. But! I do remember what I used to do for fun on the weekends with my friends growing up.
– My best friend’s mom had a Polaroid camera and would all gather up as much cash as we could and buy up tons of film for it then go and take crazy pictures of each other. I probably still have at least a shoe-box full in my closet at my parent’s house!
– Over the past summer, one of my friends and I did a lot of “traveling for the hell of it” around the state and everywhere we’d go we’d buy disposable cameras and take the most ridiculous pictures of each other, i.e. pulling a wagon that is clearly too heavy for one person to pull but posing such that the picture is convincing, yet ludicrous!
– Another friend of mine would cut lighting gels into different shapes and place them over the lens of her Polaroid camera. The effect was very interesting!
– Does anyone remember the Polaroids with the tiny film that would come out as stickers? In class when we were bored we’d take double exposure images. We used to come up with some pretty cool stuff that way.

So… think up some ideas of your own, or use these and see what you can come up with! Anything can become art, all you have to do is apply yourself! So get your friends together and see what you can come up with! In fact – I’d LOVE it if you’d post some of your creations! And remember, a picture’s worth a thousand words!

For more ideas check this out!

-Olio ❤

5 Replies to “For What It’s Worth”

  1. Also, I remember those sticker ones. I remember them because some guy took a picture of his dick and attached it firmly to my bag! People were calling me cock all day and I didn’t understand why!


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