Never Leave Home Without It!

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I’ve been known to carry a journal on me no matter where I go or what I’m doing. It may just be my favorite hobby. I always have random thoughts in my head that I want to spill out – so – I pour them across the pages of my journals.
Generally I’m not that picky on the kind of journal, I just pick up whichever one catches my eye at the time. Also, I’m fairly sparatic and never fill up a journal consecutively. Infact, I tend to stick to one journal for two or three days and then change, but eventually, when I’m going through all of them I go back to one I’d used in the past. That makes it more fun to discover what it was I was going through at the time.
One day about six or seven months back, in the hunt for a new journal I stumbled across a really fun journal called
Wreck this Journal, by Keri Smith. It’s delightfully silly. I highly recommend checking it out.

I’ve found journalling to be quite therapeutic as well. In flipping back through the pages of one of my older journals, I found and entry that said something to the effect of “my journal is like my best friend, I can tell it all my deepest, darkest secrets and it won’t judge. It knows me better than I know myself.

-Olio ❤

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